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Bamboo 6.9 release notes

✓ Bamboo-Specs YAML 2.0

✓ Project View permission

✓ Manual encryption

✓ Agent status notifications

✓ Clover for Bamboo plugin supports OpenClover


Bamboo Specs YAML 2.0

In Bamboo version 6.2, users particularly enjoyed creating simple plans with YAML in Bamboo Specs. After so much attention to this feature, Atlassian decided to take it to the next level. Starting with Bamboo 6.9, support for deployments, deployment and plan permissions is available. The scope of plan definitions has also been expanded and new tasks have been added.

In addition, the Bamboo Specs YAML syntax has also been simplified. And just in case you need a nice YAML specification starter course, just have a look at the Bamboo Specs Reference documentation.


Project View permission

With version 6.9, Bamboo introduces a new project permission – View. It provides an additional layer of control over which Bamboo users can access which projects and plans.

From now on, in order to see the content of a project, a Bamboo user needs to have the View permission granted by that project’s administrator. This new permission is a prerequisite for accessing all plans in the project. Without the project View permission, users won’t be able to see, run or administer any plans.

Manual encryption

When working on your repository-stored Bamboo Specs, either Java or YAML, you might need to use sensitive data like passwords, pass phrases, or other access credentials. To make sure your data remains secure, you can use Bamboo sensitive data encryption before storing the confidential information in your code repository.

Agent status notifications

No longer search for agents who have gone offline themselves. From version 6.9 Bamboo will automatically notify you when remote agents go offline. This notification is disabled by default, but once enabled, you will receive notifications for all agents.

In this release Atlassian has enhanced the bundled ‘Clover for Bamboo’ plugin so that you can now select one of the following options on the Other tab on the Job Configuration page:

  • Atlassian Clover – this option handles both original binaries you can download from the Atlassian website (version up to 4.1.2, a license key is required) and your own binaries compiled from Clover sources.
  • OpenClover – a free and open-source fork of Atlassian Clover (version 4.3.1 currently) which doesn’t require a license key.