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Bitbucket 7.1 release notes

✓ Track every push to a specific branch in a repository

✓ Updates to supported platforms


Track every push to a specific branch in a repository

The push log allows repository administrators to quickly see how the branches in a repository have changed over time. It includes details like who, when, and how the change occurred, dor example pushing new commits, merging a pull request, and editing a file in a browser.

To bring your team a more streamlined audit of information whenever you need to find out specific information quickly, check out Push logs for details.

Updates to supported platforms

In Bitbucket 7.1, changes were made to the technology to strengthen the search feature and enable support for Elasticsearch 7.5.2.

Therefore, the version of Elasticsearch for all Bitbucket Server instances is also updated to 7.5.2. This is done automatically when you launch your application after the upgrade.