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Bitbucket 7.3 release notes

✓ Expiring personal access tokens

✓ Source branches are now deleted after merging by default



Expiring personal access tokens


It is widely known that for many admins, managing personal access tokens can be a challenge. Although token usage can increase security, it can also be a security risk. For example, when tokens are used for short-lived integrations, or your company policy requires that they’re changed regularly.

That’s why, in this new release, Atlassian has added the ability to set a token expiry date. Now when users create a token, they can set when it will automatically expire. To further increase security, admins can also make setting a token expiry date a requirement, and set the maximum number of days a token can be valid.

Source branches are now deleted after merging by default


To help you keep your branch list clean, the delete source branch after merging option will now be selected by default when you merge a pull request.

What else is new?

  • A new “scm-refs” ticket has been added type to help manage scaling in Bitbucket Server and Data Center. See Scaling Bitbucket Server for more details.
  • Atlassia has also added JMX metrics for NioPumpThreadPool, which handles non-blocking process I/O. See Enabling JMX counters for performance monitoring for more information.
  • Bitbucket Server and Data Center will see more audit log events in this release.