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Confluence 7.4 release notes

✓ Enterprise release roundup
✓ Get the Confluence Server app on managed devices



Enterprise release roundup

It’s been just over 12 months since Confluence 6.13 was declared the second Enterprise version.

During that time, Atlassian has introduced a host of improvements and new features:


  • A great new search experience that helps you find what you’re looking for faster.
  • Significant improvements to how you edit attached files including a brand new UI for Companion app, and support for more browsers and environments.
  • Added CDN support, rate limiting for external REST API calls, and new permissions troubleshooting tools to Data Center to help our largest organisations scale.
  • Platform improvements including adding support for Java 11, MySQL 8, PostgreSQL 10, and Oracle 19c, plus loads of other upgrades and improvements under the hood.


In total, almost one thousand problems have been solved since version 6.13.0. For a bird’s eye view of all changes, please see the Confluence 7.4 Enterprise Release Change Log.

So what can you expect from Confluence 7.4? Atlassian’s goal is to raise the already high bar for quality, stability and performance. The company has focused on thoroughly testing and hardening Confluence’s existing features so you can focus on planning your upgrade. Regardless of whether you choose an Enterprise version or a version with standard features: Always remember to get the latest version with bug fixes to ensure that your Confluence is the best it can be.

Get the Confluence Server app on managed devices

You can now deploy the mobile Confluence Server app to your team via your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. This is convenient if you want to restrict the application to company-approved devices or a specific group of users.

If your MDM solution supports the AppConfig standard, you can also save your users time and avoid errors by prepopulating the URL of your website in the app. Do you have many websites? No problem, you can prepopulate multiple site URLs. Logging in has never been easier.