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How to build a happy team

✓ Be honest with people

✓ Get to know people – below the surface

✓ Let people know that they are supported

✓ Find the commonalities of your team

✓ … and support their differences

✓ To give everyone a vote

✓ Find time to have fun

✓ Never stop building a happy team



1. Be honest with people

This is particularly important for managers, but it applies to everyone. Managers usually set the tone for a team. So if your manager is approachable and authentic, it helps you feel more comfortable to be open and authentic.

2. Get to know people – below the surface

Managers should make themselves more open, they should also create space for their team to do the same. The team should take time during the meetings to give short presentations about themselves one after the other. Someone needs to make the prompt open so that people can take it in the direction they want.

3. Let people know that they are supported

Connectedness and the feeling of support is the basic currency of any happy team. One of the ways in which Creative Team members support each other is through a game called Sparring, in which team members present their ongoing work to their colleagues to get feedback. It’s a great way to get help when you encounter a creative blockage, and it helps others feel invested in the work they’re giving feedback on. Apart from the encouragement from the team, a supportive manager also makes a big difference.

4. Find the commonalities of your team

This tip is not about being the same. It is often assumed that the members of a successful team must all be in the same phase of life, have the same interests and so on.

It’s about finding what holds your team together. Maybe it’s a sense of humor or maybe it’s thoughtfulness, but finding out what the whole team values together is a great way to build the health of your team.

5. … and support their differences

Having a common interest or goal is great, but not everyone will (and should not) be the same. The Creative Team is aware of this and invites people to join the team as they are.

Some are singles, others are people with children or people with 20 years difference in age and experience. Not everyone is expected to participate in the culture of the team in the same way. People have different volumes they want to participate in, so it is important that no one feels as pressured to contribute as everyone else.

6. To give everyone a vote

Research shows that people want to be able to share their ideas and contributions with their team at work. If everyone has a voice, they feel that they are important for the work they do, which supports a general feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

7. Find time to have fun

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day work. One of the ways the team invests in themselves is their super-active slack channel. Anything is possible in this room. People talk about pop culture, share their favorite internet memes and drool over new restaurants they want to go to.

The team goes for regular breaks or walks. Some managers might worry that they might lose productivity if it’s a pure fun channel, but if it helps build better relationships and encourages more empathy, then it’s productive.

8. Never stop building a happy team

There is no finish line when it comes to promoting a healthy team culture. Like the people at the finish line, your team will constantly change, grow and adapt.

But it should be easy to survive the changes, because everyone in your team will enjoy coming to work. Everyone in the team contributes to the culture because they love it.