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Introducing single sign-on (SSO) for Confluence Mobile app! – en

✓ Use the password manager of your mobile phone

✓ Sign up with Apple

✓ Confluence Mobile now compatible with more identity providers







Atlassian has worked hard to improve the sign-up experience for Confluence mobile.

Let’s be realistic: Between the “fat-finger syndrome” and the need to remember what email address and password combination we use, logging in on a mobile is annoying. Add to that the fact that you have to log in again and again because you keep getting logged out of our mobile app, and it can get really frustrating.

You don’t have Confluence Mobile? Download the application for any mobile device.

Check it out:


Confluence is only one step away!

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There are many of you who use both Jira Mobile and Confluence Mobile. Atlassian has made it easier for you to switch from Jira to Confluence and vice versa – just select your account to confirm your subscription.

If you use Confluence in both the mobile application and your mobile web browser, you don’t need to enter credentials when switching between the two applications. When prompted, simply select your account to confirm your login. You log in only once, and you stay logged in.

Use the password manager of your mobile phone

Do you use Apple Keychain, LastPass, 1Password or any other password manager to remember your credentials on your phone? If you have SSO, you can use these tools to log in to Confluence With a strong password that you don’t have to remember, you can ensure security. Just one tap and you’re in.


Sign up with Apple

Confluence Mobile already supports registration with Google and Microsoft. Starting in June 2020 Atlassian will also support the registration with Apple. Confluence Mobile will soon support all three types of sign-ups, in addition to our own email-based sign-up. Whether you want to sign up or create a new Atlassian account, you have several options.

Confluence Mobile now compatible with more identity providers

Atlassian has made a conscious decision to use mobile OAuth to enable the SSO experience. This new mobile OAuth solution will work even better for Okta, Azure and other IDPs. It will also work for Google log-in within a SAML flow and Microsoft Intune managed devices that are not currently supported.

How will it work? Is there anything I need to do?

  • If you’re already logged in, you probably won’t be asked to sign in again. However, in some cases, cookies will expire and you might be prompted to log in once. We apologize for this inconvenience!
  • If you are logged out, have just downloaded the application for the first time, or are creating a new account, you will log in using the new and improved process. It’s very simple.
  • If you are an admin and would like to learn more about integration with your company’s identity provider, visit Atlassian Access.