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Introduction of approvals in approvals in Jira Service Desk (Cloud) Next-Gen!

Advantages of Approvals

How you can start using next-gen approvals

Approve on the go!



Atlassian has now implemented one of the most requested features last year: approvals for next-gen projects.

To enable approvals in your instance, go to Project Settings > Request Types and click the Edit Workflow button at the top. Select a status. The sidebar on the right will display an Approvals section where you can add a new approval to this status.


Benefits of Approvals

As in the Classic version, approvals are activated for a status in the workflow, which is used to block the progress of a ticket until the right people have either approved or rejected it. This is done by the new approval function:

  • Easier setup and configuration compared to Classic – Approvals can be set-up and configured smoothly in the workflow without needing any pre-requisite fields in place
  • ITIL compliance – Approvals are a must-have feature for organisations that require SOC 2 compliance
  • Advanced use cases – Supports ITSM practices such as change management
  • Seamless flow of work – Integrates key stakeholders into an easy, seamless approval journey without having to go outside the product
  • Greater transparency & accountability – Auditing of historic decisions are tracked in-product through the updated approval status in an issue’s activity stream

How you can start using next-gen approvals

Approvals has two main capabilities that help you get tickets approved at speed. Let’s take a look below:

For approvals configuration found in Project Settings > Request Types > Edit Workflow, admin users can:

  • Add/edit where approvals belong in your workflow, giving you ultimate flexibility


  • Determine who in your company has approval rights (select whether your customers, agents or only admins can choose an approver)


When using approvals in your workflow:

  • The approvers panel is now visible within your tickets and within the portal to instantly see the status of your ticket



  • You now have the ability to quickly approve or decline a ticket via our new approvals panel
  • Keep a close watch on outcome of decisions on the ticket in the issue activity stream


Approve on the go! ✨


Next generation approvals are also available in the Jira mobile application, so you can grant (or deny (wink)) approvals even faster and more easily accessible!