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Jira Software 8.11.x release notes

✓ Management of private filters and dashboards

✓ The detailed view of the output is now optional

✓ Improved e-mail notifications about mentions

✓ Embedded Crowd Update

✓ More stability in the gadget favorites filter

✓ Restriction of the sprint selection

✓ Configure how quickly obsolete nodes are moved offline


Private filter and dashboard management

It’s time to flex admin muscle as Atlassian gives Jira administrators the ability to edit and delete private filters and dashboards. Now you can view and select all existing filters and dashboards – whether shared or private – and handle them any way you like.

Maybe the search criteria are not too efficient or a dashboard is filled with some risky gadgets? You can improve them yourself, assign them to someone else or just delete them and watch them disappear in a whiff of admin magic. You’re in control now. Don’t let faulty dashboards and filters slow down your instance.


The detail view of tasks is now optional

We are quite dynamic when planning our sprints and often jump back and forth between topics or mix them up as we please. For some of us, the detail view appears here, which is often found disturbing in processes.

This is now a thing of the past, because now you can hide the detailed view and quickly reactivate it again if necessary. You can do this with just two mouse clicks – select Board > Hide detail view. Have fun planning!


Improved e-mail notifications about mentions

With Jira 8.0, Atlassian introduced batch email notifications that reduce the number of emails you receive from Jira. However, we have received a lot of feedback that we are still receiving heaps of separate email notifications with mentions.

Now the mentions are merged together with other updates of the email summary, and are triggered so that the email is sent as soon as possible. When someone mentions you on a topic, they usually need your immediate attention.


Embedded Crowd Update

Embedded Crowd is a library that is used in Jira for user management. Atlassian has just updated it to the latest version 4.0. Although the pages related to users and groups are based on this library, the user interface and the interactions you need remain the same. The new version brings a number of improvements, some of which are

  • Performance improvements
  • Support for clustering
  • Improved directory failover
  • Many bugs and suggestions fixed


More stability in the gadget favorites filter

Are you a fan of the gadget “favourite filter”? It’s one of the most popular gadgets, as it displays a list of your favorite filters and the number of operations that each of them contains. With large filters, counting all requests can affect performance, so Atlassian now gives Jira administrators more control.

Added a global setting that allows you to control the maximum timeout for this gadget. If loading the tasks takes too much time, Jira will stop counting them and display the message “Too many tasks” instead. For all gadgets, on all dashboards.


Restrict the sprint selection

Now let’s get to the creation and editing of a ticket in the right sprint. To do this, activate an admin option to restrict the sprint selection (available in the Sprint drop-down list) to only those sprints that belong to the sprints selected by the project users. This limits the ability to link issues to the wrong sprint.

When relevant sprints are selected, only those sprints that belong to the project selected on the page are displayed. To display sprints that are not linked to any project, you can choose All displays to show all sprints.


Configure how quickly obsolete nodes are taken offline

With Jira 8.10, you have the option to automatically take obsolete nodes in your cluster offline after two days of no update. Now you can configure this time frame and take obsolete nodes offline within 3 hours by modifying the system property