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Jira Software 8.15.x release notes

✓ Advanced Roadmaps is now part of Jira Software Data Center

✓ Displaying image attachments in email notifications


Advanced Roadmaps is now part of Jira Software Data Center

With Advanced Roadmaps, you can plan and track work across multiple teams and projects. Designed to support teams at scale, you can plan based on capacity, keep track of dependencies, manage competing priorities, and explore alternative scenarios.

Experiment with Jira Software data in a sandbox environment

Advanced Roadmaps uses boards, projects, and filters in Jira Software to visualize data in a customizable interface. Design and experiment in this sandbox environment before updating your original data in Jira Software.

Establish the bigger picture

Connect your work to company-wide goals to establish a critical path for your projects. Hierarchy levels in a plan (Epics, Stories, Tasks, etc) correspond to different scales of work. Connect small process-based tasks to team deliverables, and ladder them up to broad company initiatives for a complete bird’s-eye view.

Explore alternative scenarios

Account for any change in your critical path by exploring alternative scenarios. Create multiple versions of your plan to determine a change’s impact, so you can adapt with minimal disruption. Aim for your best case, plan for your worst case, and be prepared for anything in between.

Visualize dependencies

Map out the relationships between issues in your plan to identify any contingencies or blockers. Dependencies help you understand which issues need to be prioritized and in what order. Check dependencies directly on your timeline, or switch to the Dependencies report for a comprehensive view.

Manage your team’s capacity

Keep your projects on track by managing your teams’ workload and capacity. Allocate work to teams directly on your timeline, and unlock sprint planning features for Scrum teams.

Get Advanced Roadmaps

Want a powerful roadmapping solution but can’t upgrade yet? Depending on your current Data Center version, you may be able to install and use the app (at no cost). 

If you’re a server customer and already have Advanced Roadmaps, you can continue to renew your license. If you don’t already have a license you’ll need to upgrade to Data Center to get the app.


Displaying image attachments in email notifications

A small improvement, but an important one. If you’ve been an Atlassian customer for a while, you probably noticed that image attachments from your issues aren’t always displayed in email notifications. 

Every image now includes a security token that allows your users to view the images in their notifications for up to 7 days by default.