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Jira Software 8.5 release notes

Get the Jira Server app on managed devices

✓ New JVM check available

Excited for new features?

✓ API change log

✓ Enterprise releases, performance-wise


Get the Jira Server app on managed devices

You can now distribute the Jira Server mobile app to your team using your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. This is great if you need to restrict the app to company-approved devices, or a particular set of users.

If your MDM solution supports the AppConfig standard, you can also save your users time and prevent mistakes by pre-populating your site URL in the app. Got a lot of sites? No problem, you can pre-populate multiple site URLs. Logging in has never been easier.

New check available in ATST

In the latest version of the Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools plugin, the verification of explicit “garbage collection” has been introduced. It checks if you are using the recommended JVM startup parameters for explicit garbage collection (GC). If this is not configured correctly, it can lead to performance problems. This check is started automatically when you manually upgrade the ATST application to 1.20.0.

Excited for new features?

Much has changed since the release of Jira 7.13.x, which was also an Enterprise version. Output archiving has been introduced, performance and accessibility have been improved, and other spectacular things have been done to make Jira better for you. All changes and fixes made between JIRA 7.6 and 8.5 can be found in the change log.

API change log

To give you a complete picture of what has changed since the last Enterprise versions, the REST API change log has been prepared.

Enterprise releases, performance-wise

Extensive performance testing is performed for each Jira version to compare the latest version with the previous one. This is to check the impact of new features on Jira to ensure that there is no performance degradation.

Performance is also compared between Jira Enterprise versions. These are usually a few versions apart, so the improvements are much more visible than between smaller feature-rich versions.