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Jira Software 8.9.x release notes

Refreshed Velocity Chart

✓ Get more from cluster monitoring

✓ Accessibility: Text spacing

✓ A tailored upgrade path



Refreshed Velocity Chart SERVER  DATA CENTER

The Velocity Chart is certainly one of the most popular reports among teams. The chart had its first appearance a long time ago, and it has finally received the much needed attention.

The new chart shows up to 120 sprints, lets you choose a pre-defined timeframe or a custom date range, shows avg. velocity of your team, and has a completely new look and feel with some cool features like focus that lets you zoom in on the right sprint.

Accessibility: Text spacing

Following the accessibility theme, Atlassian has added a new option to your personal settings. You can now increase the text spacing to split all these small characters for better readability. As with all other settings, you can view and configure them under Profile > Accessibility.

Need a tailored upgrade path? SERVER DATA CENTER

As early as Jira 8.0, the “Pre-upgrade” planning tool was created, which recommends a version to be upgraded, performs pre-upgrade checks and provides you with a customized upgrade guide with step-by-step instructions.

If you haven’t checked it out already and are looking to upgrade, see Pre-upgrade planning tool.

Get more from cluster monitoring

Now no stale node will remain unnoticed. With the new information added to the Cluster Monitoring page, you can quickly find and remove stale nodes and repair the failed nodes in your cluster.

This is because apart from viewing the ID, and uptime information, you get the node status (active, no heartbeat, offline) and Jira status information (maintenance, error, running, starting). With this info at hand, venturing on any cluster clean-up task is way easier than it used to be.

To view the information, go to Jira Administration > System > Clustering.