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New navigation and Home are coming to Confluence Cloud

✓ Confluence’s new navigation and home experience was rolled out to another 30% of Confluence’s customers on May 5. Since Atlassian’s first rollout in December 2019, it has now been made available to 95% of Confluence’s customers.

✓ 99% of the users who have tried the new features also prefer them, according to the data as of May 4.



Confluence will soon have some exciting changes that will help you navigate intuitively and get information faster.

These changes will be introduced gradually, and you will be kept informed of every step along the way.

Jira Cloud (Jira Software, Jira Service Desk and Jira Core) also introduces a new navigation. Learn more about the Jira changes here.

Let’s start with a new navigation for the Confluence Cloud.


Atlassian has improved the navigation prototype and the new experience. You can try out the improved navigation. They offer:

  • Quick access to everything you need in Confluence, your way – the navigation bar is always visible from anywhere, so you can quickly go from point A to point B, however you prefer to navigate.
  • A more intuitive and discoverable navigation experience – the things you do most, like searching creating pages, and switching between spaces, are intuitively placed at the top with labels to locate easily.
  • A clear indication of which product you’re in – the product name is always on display, so you know whether you’re in Confluence or Jira and can easily switch between them and other Atlassian products.


Welcome Home

Home helps you navigate, find information quickly, and get on the same page with your team. It brings together the destinations, content, and activity that’s most important to you in one convenient location. Home is where you can start in Confluence and reorient yourself when you’re moving on to a new piece of work.

Home features:

  • Get back to where you left off with recent pages – find pages you’ve drafted, recently published, visited, or starred.
  • Dive into spaces you frequent – navigate to starred and recently visited team, project, and knowledge base workspaces.
  • Keep up with your team with activity feed – browse a feed of activity happening on your site, with personalized relevant feed coming later.


Home - community post v3.png


What to expect next

Atlassian will continue to gradually introduce the improved navigation and homepage in the coming months until June.

This change will also be under your control. As soon as your website receives the new navigation, each of your users will be able to switch off the new navigation for a certain period of time.