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Stay code-connected with 12 new DevOps features

✓ Fewer context changes. Fewer meetings. More time for programming and delivering value to customers.

✓ Plan and track projects directly in the context of your code

✓ Überprüfen, testen und verteilen Sie Code, ohne Ihren Platz zu verlieren

✓ Drive fast without breaking anything

✓ Reduce alertness fatigue and resolve incidents more quickly

✓ DevOps is about tools and practices/culture


Fewer context changes. Fewer meetings. More time for programming and delivering value to customers.

Atlassian’s mission is to unlock the potential of all teams by harnessing the power of collaboration tools and practices. This is especially true for teams that practice DevOps. It is about unlocking the collaboration between development, IT operations and business teams.

However, this increased collaboration can be costly for developers. Instead of programming and developing innovative solutions, developers may end up spending a large portion of their day integrating multiple tools, updating work status, and sharing it with other teams.

Atlassian announces 12 new features, automations and integrations that allow developers to turn back the clock and deliver better code faster. Fewer context switches. Fewer meetings. Fewer pings from IT about security incidents. Simply more time to program and deliver value to customers.

This helps developers stay focused on their code because development, IT operations, and business teams are connected to the automation that our third-party products and tools provide. With Jira as the ultimate source of truth, Atlassian unifies all of DevOps’ work and reduces the overload of collaboration. Read on to learn more.

Plan and track projects directly in the context of your code

The DevOps toolchain is not a patent remedy. DevOps is a toolbox for different applications and teams, and the developer knows best which or how many tools to use. But with this flexibility comes a crucial need to coordinate work.

Atlassian has developed deep integrations between Jira Software Cloud and Bitbucket Cloud, GitHub and GitLab, so that issue tracking and project updates are automatically done where you program. No need to go back to Jira. And your project manager doesn’t have to ping you for updates and interrupt your coding flow, because your project board is automatically updated based on your work in Bitbucket, GitHub, or GitLab.

The new “Your Work” dashboard in Bitbucket Cloud has been enhanced with Jira themes assigned to you, so you can quickly move from one task to another without having to jump between tools. In each repository, you’ll also soon see a new team-level view of related projects and issues within the Jira Issues tab.

In the Jira Software Cloud, automation capabilities have been enhanced with powerful new DevOps Automation Triggers. With just a few clicks, you can create automation rules to keep your work in sync with development activities, triggering commit or pull request activities in any connected code repository. In the simplest case, you can automatically update the status of associated Jira issues, but these new automations also allow more complex rules, such as reassigning Jira issues for quality assurance or code review, or even sending a message to your team’s slack channel about new PRs. These automation rules work with Bitbucket Cloud, GitHub, GitLab, and any other code repository integrated into the Jira Software Cloud.

Überprüfen, testen und verteilen Sie Code, ohne Ihren Platz zu verlieren

Jedes Team wünscht sich die bestmöglichen Werkzeuge zum Schreiben und Überprüfen von Code, und mit Bitbucket Cloud hat Atlassian die Antwort. Atlassian möchte die Produktivität Ihrer Entwickler bei den wichtigsten Aufgaben, die sie tagtäglich erledigen – dem Schreiben und Überprüfen von Code – maximieren.

Egal, ob Sie lieber in Bitbucket oder in Ihrer IDE arbeiten, das Ziel ist es, Sie im Fluss zu halten und unnötige Sprünge zwischen Ihren Tools zu reduzieren.

Die neue Pull Request Experience von Bitbucket Cloud bietet ein innovatives Design, das es einfacher und schneller macht, Ihre Codeänderungen zu überprüfen. Neue Funktionen wie die konsolidierte Aufgabenliste, die integrierte Jira-Problemerstellung und Aktivitäts-Feed-Filter bedeuten, dass Entwickler ihre Codeüberprüfungen schneller abschließen und mehrere Pull-Anfragen gleichzeitig effizient jonglieren können.

Die Integration von Atlassian VS Code bringt Ihre gesamte Entwicklungspipeline in Ihren Editor, mit Ihrer Aufgabenliste aus der Jira Software Cloud, einer vollständigen Codeüberprüfung und CI/CD-Tracking aus Bitbucket-Pipelines. Wenn Sie es noch nicht kennen, probieren Sie die VS-Code-Erweiterung noch heute aus.

Drive fast without breaking anything

The DevOps teams try to accelerate their pipeline by automating and “left shifting” manual controls into the CI/CD process. To help with this, Atlassian has integrated scanning and quality reports into the Bitbucket cloud code review experience so that reviewers are alerted to potential problems before anything goes into production. You can also try our new automated change management that connects your CI/CD pipeline with painless change approvals in the Jira Service Desk Cloud.

With Code Insights in the Bitbucket Cloud, you can incorporate DevOps’ best scanning, testing and analysis tools into your code review process, including Mabl for test automation and Sentry for automated monitoring. Atlassian’s new DevSecOps integration with Snyk is especially important because Snyk can scan and identify critical vulnerabilities early – before they become a Sev-1 security incident. All of these integrations are also built on an open API so you can extend Bitbucket Cloud with additional code reports for your own tools.

Automated change management with the Jira Service Desk Cloud and Bitbucket pipelines (currently in early access) interrupts your CI/CD process, creates a change request in the Jira Service Desk and then triggers the deployment once it is approved:

  • Our risk assessment engine in the Jira Service Desk Cloud quickly assesses the risk of a change and automatically approves and implements low risk changes.
  • Our change management view in the Jira Service Desk cloud streamlines the approval process for high-risk changes by consolidating all information into traceable change requests that the team can review and manually approve as needed.
  • The automated change management supports Bitbucket Pipelines, Jenkins, Circle CI and Octopus Deploy.

Reduce alertness fatigue and resolve incidents more quickly

When incidents occur, the key to a quick solution is to quickly identify the cause of the problem. And as your teams implement DevOps and automate their deployment processes, change-related outages become more common. When you’re woken up to deal with an outage, wouldn’t it be great to know if a recent code change caused the problem and be able to get help from the right developer right away?

For most teams today, this requires advanced detective work, scouring the Git story, and Jira tickets. We knew there had to be a better way. Opsgenie’s brand new deep integration with the Jira Software Cloud and Bitbucket Cloud helps teams shorten this whole process by providing first responders with an audit trail of recent deployments and associated Jira tickets.

  • The integration of Opsgenie and Bitbucket Cloud centralizes all alerts and filters out noise to ensure that the right issues are addressed, the right people alerted and the right actions taken. With the Incident Investigation Dashboard, teams can view the deployment that occurred immediately before the incident, add it as a potential cause, and contact the developer who made the change so they can reset it and resolve the incident.

DevOps is about tools and practices/culture

A successful DevOps implementation does not end with the connection of the tools. Most DevOps practitioners agree that people and culture are the most important factor for a successful implementation. To achieve this balance, Atlassian has created a new goal for you to learn and share DevOps best practices.

  • Our Resource Hub provides guidance on how to combine tools with practices and maintain a world-class DevOps culture. The hub will include the following:
    • DevOps Community (with exclusive AMAs with DevOps thought leaders)
    • DevOps Confluence templates (to improve the DevOps rituals and set long-term team goals)
    • DevOps guides (to link tools like Jira with industry best practices such as CI/CD)

Atlassian has also extended our automated integrations to your go-to communication tools. Our Slack integrations and Status Page integrations can help you in your daily work to adopt DevOp’s best practices in both your internal and external communications.