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The advantages of migrating to the cloud

✓ Cloud vs. Datacenter

✓ Why businesses choose cloud

✓ The top benefits of cloud

✓ Time to value with cloud

✓ What is surprising about cloud?

✓ Save big with the Atlassian Cloud

If you’re thinking about hosting your Atlassian tools in the cloud, you’re off to a good start. According to studies, 95 percent of new Atlassian customers choose cloud over Data Center. And among those who start with an on-premise solution and then switch to the cloud, 90 percent of them say they recommend the move. 

So why do these customers like the cloud so much? What are the advantages? And how is the cloud really different from the data centre?

TechValidate polled 320+ Atlassian customers who have made the move to the cloud.

Cloud vs. Datacenter

91 percent say security is better or equal on the cloud. 92 percent say compliance is better or equal. And a remarkable 97 percent say innovation, reliability and change management are better or equal in the cloud.

Why businesses choose cloud

The main reason for switching to the cloud is cost savings, say 65 percent of the customers surveyed. This is by no means surprising. After all, IT professionals report an average saving of 20 percent. Other top reasons for moving to the cloud include eliminating manual upgrades (62 per cent), improving performance (33 per cent) and supporting remote work (31 per cent).

The top benefits of cloud

60 percent of customers say they can easily perform security and version upgrades after the migration, and 35 per cent say they have been able to reduce their total cost of ownership.

And these are not the only benefits: 97 percent of respondents said they have realised at least one benefit since migrating to the cloud.

Time to value with cloud

For 75 percent of those surveyed, it took less than three months to reap the benefits of the cloud. And 37 per cent say it took less than a month.

Even better, more than a third of IT organisations say the migration was easier and faster than expected. So not only do the benefits show up quickly after the migration, but the migration itself is often easier and faster than expected.

What is surprising about cloud?

Forty percent of IT professionals said the migration process was easier than expected, 33 percent said it was faster, and 29 percent said the end-user experience was better.

The Atlassian team is working hard on new tools and features that will further simplify and speed up the migration, so it is expected that these numbers will continue to grow.

Save big with the Atlassian Cloud

The cloud can increase profits, reduce costs and save businesses a lot of time – both technicians and users.

Here’s the proof: 53 per cent of customers surveyed said their end users spend at least 11 per cent less time on tasks in the cloud compared to the server. A whopping 83 percent of customers said that moving to the cloud saves their administrators time.

And in terms of financial savings, 54 per cent saved money previously spent on maintaining on-premise hardware.