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The dos and don’ts of scaling agile

✓ 3 “Dos” of scaling agile

✓ 3 “Don’ts” of scaling agile





3 “dos” of scaling agile

  1. Remember that agility on a scale is a never-ending journey. It’s not a certificate you get and then you’re done. There is no goal point or finish line – just a lot of milestones along the way.
  2. Find out for whom you find the solution – ideally for the customer. “Agile on the scale is about working across the entire organization to delight your customers (whether internal or external) with the best, in the fastest possible way,” says Dom.
  3. Work with other teams. If you only optimize the way your own team works, you won’t succeed. You may have to compromise to benefit the entire system. Find a way to work across the organization, with common goals, common outcomes and common backlogs, and find ways to experiment and see success together.


3 “Don’ts” of scaling agile

  1. Training is not the answer. It is known: A senior leader complains: “But I sent 1,000 people on an agile course and nothing has changed! Remember that the people and environment of your organization must be congruent. If you send people to an agility training course, but don’t promote an environment that encourages agility, you have probably disconnected them even more and made your journey more difficult.
  2. Older managers think agility is something other people do; they are wrong. Dom says, “The best results I have ever seen are when senior leaders take on the task of modeling agility.
  3. Avoid the agile compliance regime. Sometimes, when executives decide that agility is the answer, they create a checklist to “make everyone agile” – do a morning riot, do an agile sprint – and although these exercises may look agile on the surface, they mean nothing without a deeper understanding of the agile mind, philosophy and purpose. Do not measure your agility by rituals, but by the intention of those rituals.