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Improvements that help with editing (and organisation)

✓ Find & Replace

✓ Copy & Paste Layouts, Info Panels, and Code Snippets

✓ “Sticky headers” for tables

✓ Indented actions

✓ Link Labels for Drafted & Archived Pages



Atlassian has made some updates that will help you better organize your work (and your team). Some of them may look familiar to you, as they were already present in the old editor, and some are brand new!


Find & Replace

Find & Replace is a quick solution to replace a word or phrase with a new one. When you edit a page, simply click on the glasses icon. Enter the word or phrase you no longer wish to use and add the new word or phrase below. All places where the old word appears will be highlighted. You can replace the word only once or each time by clicking on “Replace All”.


Copy & Paste Layouts, Info Panels, and Code Snippets

The much sought-after functionality for selecting an entire layout, an information board or a code snippet is back! Copy (or cut) and paste the selected macro anywhere on a page. Simply select the desired area by clicking on the lower right corner until the entire macro is selected. Copy it and paste it anywhere else on the page – or on a completely different page!

If you log in now, you can copy and paste for layouts and information panels. Code snippets coming soon! They will be available for everyone by the end of June.


“Sticky headers” for tables

Large tables on your Confluence pages will now be easier to read! If the number of rows or columns in your table extends beyond the viewport, don’t worry – the header column and/or row will stay in place as you scroll. This helps make tables easier to read, so you always know what value a cell has. Not seeing them yet? You will experience it in the next few weeks!


sticky table headers.gif


Indented actions

You want to create a list of tasks with subtasks? Now different action items can be indented. This is a key point list, which offers the possibility to display nested tasks in a hierarchical structure. In this way the responsibilities within your team can be easily organized. Expect this feature in mid to end of June.




Link Labels for Drafted & Archived Pages

Have you ever linked to a page and not noticed that it was actually unpublished? This will no longer be a problem in the future, because now you will be notified! If you add a link to a Confluence page that is either in “draft mode” or “archived”, a label will automatically appear next to that link.

As soon as a draft page is published or an archived page is restored, the label will be removed.


Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 9.48.34 AM.png

Hopefully these small improvements will help you stay organized and do a good job. More improvements are on the way, so stay tuned.