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Page archiving is now live in beta on Confluence Cloud!

Bored Working from home? Pro tip: use the free time you’ve gained to make your Confluence spaces procrasti-clean with the new page archiving feature, now live in the beta version of Confluence Standard and Premium.

For those of you who are naturally tidy–you’re an inspiration to all of us. Page archiving will help you continue to keep your spaces clean without worrying about deleting important information.

For those of you who are not so familiar with tidiness, there is also good news. With page archiving (now live in beta), nested and bulk archiving (including archive recommendations coming soon to Premium), spring cleaning your way to joy just got a whole lot easier.



How will page archiving improve my Confluence site?

  • Reassures your team that content in Confluence is up to date
  • Keeps your page tree neat and presentable
  • Makes it easier to for people to find what they need when there’s less clutter to dig through

archive gif.gif


What happens when a page gets archived?

Archived pages are removed from the page tree, quick search, advanced search, analytics, and editor macros. Links to archived pages still work, but they are labeled as archived and certain actions are disabled. In order to preserve the state of the page at the time of archive, the following actions are disabled: edit, like, move, copy, view in hierarchy, share, add/remove labels, add/edit/delete attachments, add comment (inline and page); like/reply/delete/resolve comments, add/complete/remove tasks, import Word document.

You can find archived pages in the archive section of each space. To navigate to each space’s archive, scroll to the bottom of its page tree.



Who can archive and view archived pages?

Archiving permissions have the same permissions as deleting–anyone who can delete can also archive. Archived pages maintain the permissions they had before archive. You can still access an archived page, but you can’t make changes to the page unless it is unarchived and restored to your space. Archiving is available on all paid Confluence Cloud plans (Standard, Premium).


How do I archive a page?

To archive a page, open the (…) ellipses menu in the top right corner of any page. You will see the option to archive at the bottom of the list, above delete.

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