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Preparing for Jira 8.7

This documentation is intended for Jira developers who want to ensure that their existing apps are compatible with Jira 8.7.

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Latest version

Here you can find information about the latest EAPs.

Jira Core/Software

8.7.0-RC01 8.7.0-m0005 EAP

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Source files (Software)

Jira Service Desk

4.7.0-RC01 4.7.0-m0005 EAP

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Dates for future sprints


After delivering granular sprint management permissions in Jira 8.6, Atlassian now adds more sprint management options. Starting with Jira 8.7, you can easily set start and end dates for sprints that begin in the future. This will help you plan and organize your work in the short and long term.

Anonymizing users for GDPR compliance

Status: IMPLEMENTED (eap 01)

In Jira 8.7, admins are given the ability to make their users anonymous and hide or delete any data that could identify them as a real person. This will help organizations stay compliant with GDPR and the ‘right to be forgotten’.

The extension points for app developers haven’t changed much since Jira 8.2. Now you can test the user interface, see what anonymization looks like from the admin perspective, and see how it all works with your application. Atlassian is still working on some minor improvements and bugs, but the core of this feature is already done.


OpenID connect in Jira Data Center

Status: IN PROGRESS (eap 03)

Many enterprises still struggle to use industry-standard user management tools to authenticate to Atlassian. Way back, support for SAML was added to all data center products. This is now complemented by the new OpenID Connect authentication option to enable seamless integration with third-party identity providers.

Disabling HTML in custom fields description

Status: IMPLEMENTED (eap 02)

The default behavior of one of the global settings has been changed: Enable HTML in custom field descriptions and list item values. Now, it will be OFF by default. If your instance relies on having this option enabled, make sure to change it in Administration > System > General configuration.

PostgreSQL 11 Support

Status: IMPLEMENTED (eap 03)

Atlassian adds PostgreSQL 11 to the supported platforms for Jira Server and Data Center and Aurora PostgreSQL 11.4 for Jira Data Center.

Atlassian User Interface (AUI) upgrade

Status: IMPLEMENTED (eap 03)

The AUI plugin was changed from 8.5.0 to 8.6.0.