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Meelogic - Your full service partner for license consulting and license purchase of Atlassian Confluence, Jira and many other Atlassian solutions

You can purchase all licenses for all Atlassian products and the associated extensions (apps) through us. We would be pleased to advise you comprehensively on the purchase, extension and harmonization of your licenses and take over the license management for you.

Your advantages when buying Atlassian licenses with Meelogic

Always well advised

Competent and individual consulting, also for complex license models. Renewals, upgrades, downgrades or even the harmonization of support periods.

All products, all apps

Licenses for all Atlassian products and for all apps available in the Marketplace

No credit card, no foreign currency costs

You will receive an invoice from us according to German law in Euro with stated value added tax and a firmly agreed payment date.

The all-round carefree package

Inclusion in the license management of meelogic. Receive a suitable renewal offer in time.

Keeping an eye on the budget

Budget planning - individual overviews of your license costs for the coming years.

Reverse transaction

We are happy to assist you with the cancellation of purchased licenses (within 30 days after purchase).

Everything from one source

Implementation, customization, hosting, support, training and workshops. We are at your side during planning, introduction and operation of Atlassian tools.

Request your non-binding offer for Atlassian licenses now

The data sent will only be stored for the purpose of processing your request. You can find further information in our Privacy Policy.

Some of our customers

License purchase via Meelogic

With the first purchase of a server license you receive the right to use the software without restrictions. In addition, you will receive support and updates from Atlassian for 12 months. After this support period you can continue to use the software without any restrictions. However, you are then no longer entitled to receive support and updates. Optionally, you can also secure support and updates for 24 months with your initial purchase. After that, you can optionally extend the support period by another 12/24 months at half the purchase price. As Atlassian is a major developer of the software, we always advise our customers to extend the support period. There is no optional support extension for the Data Center deployment option. Data Centers have a one-year term and must be renewed afterwards.

Your existing server license is valid without restrictions. However, if you wish to continue to use updates and security patches or use manufacturer support after the (minimum) one-year support contract has expired, we recommend that you extend your support. These so-called renewals cost only 50 percent of the new purchase price of a license.

An upgrade license allows you to jump to the next user level. You pay considerably less than if you would purchase the product in the user level you now need. Upgrade licenses include new 12 months of updates and support from the date of purchase. For existing license agreements, the terms are renewed from the date of purchase of the upgrade. In some cases (support period > 12 months), it is possible to add a portion of the costs already paid for the current license. In this case, we would be pleased to take over the communication with Atlassian and check your individual situation.

Downgrades are the opposite of upgrades. Has your team shrunk and you can get by with a 50 user license instead of a 100 user license? No problem. Downgrades are possible on request from Atlassian and under certain conditions. We will be happy to check your individual situation and communicate with Atlassian for you.

Have you purchased different Atlassian products and/or add-ons at different times? Don’t you want to ask for budget approval every two months to extend the support periods of individual products? No problem, we will be happy to review and quote to harmonize the support periods of all your Atlassian products and Marketplace add-ons for you.

Licence Costs

  • Jira Software
  • Confluence
  • Jira Service Desk
Offizielle Lizenzkosten von Atlassian Jira Software ¹
Nutzer Jährliche Kosten
500 User
20.400,00 $
1.000 User
30.000,00 $
2.000 User
52.800,00 $
3.000 User
79.200,00 $
4.000 User
105.600,00 $
5.000 User
132.000,00 $
6.000 User
158.400,00 $
7.000 User
184.000,00 $
8.000 User
211.200,00 $
9.000 User
237.600,00 $
10.000 User
264.000,00 $
15.000 User
290.400,00 $
20.000 User
316.800,00 $
25.000 User
343.200,00 $
30.000 User
369.600,00 $
35.000 User
396.000,00 $
40.000 User
422.400,00 $
45.000 User
448.800,00 $
50.000 User
475.200,00 $
50.001+ User
495.000,00 $
Offizielle Lizenzkosten von Atlassian Confluence ¹
Nutzer Jährliche Kosten
500 User
15.000,00 $
1.000 User
30.000,00 $
2.000 User
52.800,00 $
3.000 User
79.200,00 $
4.000 User
105.600,00 $
5.000 User
132.000,00 $
10.000 User
143.000,00 $
15.000 User
154.000,00 $
20.000 User
165.000,00 $
25.000 User
176.000,00 $
30.000 User
187.000,00 $
35.000 User
198.000,00 $
40.000 User
209.000,00 $
40.001+ User
220.000,00 $
Offizielle Lizenzkosten von Atlassian Jira Service Desk ¹
Nutzer Jährliche Kosten
50 Agents
13.200,00 $
100 Agents
22.000,00 $
250 Agents
39.600,00 $
500 Agents
66.000,00 $
750 Agents
92.400,00 $
1.000 Agents
118.800,00 $
2.000 Agents
145.200,00 $
3.000 Agents
171.600,00 $
4.000 Agents
198.000,00 $
5.000 Agents
224.400,00 $
6.000 Agents
250.800,00 $
7.000 Agents
277.200,00 $
8.000 Agents
303.600,00 $
9.000 Agents
330.000,00 $
10.000 Agents
356.400,00 $
11.000 Agents
382.800,00 $
12.000 Agents
409.200,00 $
13.000 Agents
435.600,00 $
14.000 Agents
462.000,00 $
14.001+ Agents
495.000,00 $
Auf Akademische Lizenzen wird ein Nachlass von 50% gewährt. Ob Sie die Berechtigung haben, eine akademische Lizenz zu erwerben, können Sie hier nachlesen
1) Alle auf dieser Seite angegebenen Preise sind Nettopreise und verstehen sich zuzüglich der jeweils gültigen gesetzlichen Umsatzsteuer.

Deployment Options

The Data Center option is recommended for larger organizations with 250 or more users for whom the availability and speed of Atlassian products is critical. The main difference to the single server option is the high availability and speed. Your systems will run distributed on several servers simultaneously. This allows software updates or even maintenance work on individual machines during operation. Otherwise you can use all the advantages of the single server option extended by some additional features like project archiving (Jira) or read-only mode (Confluence).

With Atlassian’s cloud solution, you do not need to set up and maintain your own infrastructure. The systems, including all data, are managed on Atlassian servers. The Cloud solution is immediately ready for use and thus enables a quick introduction.

FAQ - License purchase and license conditions

Evaluation, costs and discounts

The prices for the Atlassian products can be found on the respective product page at The price for the desired Marketplace Apps is clearly displayed in the Pricing section of the respective extension at

No, no reinstallation is necessary. Only the license key for the product needs to be exchanged.

Atlassian provides you with the software via download.

Atlassian does not directly offer discounts on its products. However, you are welcome to contact us regarding discount options for framework agreements etc.

Atlassian does not offer discounts for public institutions. Unless they are educational institutions. In this case “Academic” licenses can be purchased at a 50% discount on the list price of a commercial license.

Non-profit organizations receive free, so-called community licenses from Atlassian and can apply for them here:

Yes, a so-called developer licence can be created by the technical contact person in the licence management section of the account. The Developer License can be used for non-productive purposes on your development and test environment or on a cold standby server. The license expiration date is synchronized with the existing production license. The license key can be generated as follows:

  • Log-in at
  • Find the desired production license in the “Your Licenses” area
  • Click on the license to open the corresponding menu
  • Click the button “View Developer License” in the area Actions
  • Confirm the terms of the developer license by clicking on “View
  • Copy the license key into the license management of your development or test system

You can generate several developer licenses from one productive license, if you use different servers for testing, development or quality assurance.

Offer, order, provision and invoice

Simply send us an e-mail with the desired products and the required number of users to or use our contact form for your inquiry. We would also be pleased to receive your inquiry by telephone under the number 0800 09 800 00.

If you like our offer, you are welcome to send the signed offer or your order by e-mail to

After receiving your order, meelogic purchases your licenses from Atlassian. For this purpose, we deposit the Technical Contact (name, first name, e-mail, telephone) you requested as licensee with Atlassian. After activation (confirmation mail from Atlassian), the licensee has access to the existing licenses and license keys at any time and can also generate developer licenses for your products using the existing account.

The software is provided electronically via download from Atlassian and can be installed on the desired target system regardless of the license purchase.

You will receive an invoice from us after the purchase according to German tax regulations. A purchase by credit card with associated foreign currency costs and fees for a foreign bank transfer is therefore not necessary. As a rule, we offer you 14 days as payment term. Deviating terms of payment can be agreed individually.

With the purchase of your licenses we make an advance payment. However, a possible rescission can only take place within 30 days after purchase. Therefore it is necessary to receive the compensation within two weeks. Different payment terms can be agreed upon individually.

Return / Exchange

Yes, from the date of order, commercial and academic licenses can be returned or exchanged for up to 30 days. After this period, no returns or exchanges are possible. Please contact the contact persons mentioned in your offer directly. Please also note that starter licenses (10 users / 3 agents) are excluded from the return policy, as Atlassian donates these revenues to charitable organizations. A return of Atlassian Cloud Licenses is only possible within the first paid month after the evaluation. If you purchased cloud licenses as an annual subscription, you can also cancel or exchange these licenses within 30 days of purchase.

Your contact persons

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Atlassian Consultant

David Friedrich

Atlassian Consultant

Markus Schweiker


Marcus Frangenberg

Atlassian Consultant