Automation for Jira

Flexible and powerful - simple and easy to use.

Easy Automation with Jira Automation.

The add-on for Jira is not only easy to use, but also has regular release cycles and excellent support. 20,000 satisfied customers in 150 countries speak for themselves. Join them now and see for yourself how to automate your teams almost effortlessly.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Set up Automation rules as a global or project administrator (with authorizations) This saves your company money and valuable time, because with Jira Automation you no longer have to write custom scripts or struggle with Jira APIs.
  • The functionality of numerous Jira applications is now combined in a single application with Jira Automation. In addition, the application offers the simplicity of a visual rule builder.
  • Jira Automation is perfectly optimized for your server’s performance and provides additional security.

Take a look at the Rule Playground and see for yourself how easy it is to apply the rules you have created on your own. Try it out today!

A simple automation for everyone

Jira Automation will save you time and nerves – guaranteed! Automation saves you time in that you don’t have to write or manage custom scripts. The visual “Rule Builder” helps you define these automation rules – try it out for yourself!

The all-in-one solution with Power

Your Jira can do even more! Building blocks can now be combined in a powerful way, so you don’t need any additional applications. Use cases such as synchronizing higher and lower level tasks, tracking SLAs, responding to linked problems and many more are part of Jira Automation’s repertoire.

Built in the right proportions

Jira is used by many large and small companies, including 7 of the top 10 Fortune-500-companies. Increase efficiency and automate your processes, especially repetitive and manual tasks. Then you can focus on other things that matter more!