Comala Document Management

For powerful Document Management and Process Control in Confluence.

The Comala Document Management application for Confluence Server and Data Center provides you with an optimal support for managing your documents and controlling your processes with the functions Review, Approve, Manage tasks and Request read receipts.

You can also customize approval workflows to facilitate review, approval, publishing, and forwarding.

Further functions at a glance:

  • Assignment of a page inspector
  • Possibility of using electronic signatures for authorisations
  • Easy publishing of approved content
  • Manage documentation phases
  • Assigning individual pages to team members for reading
  • Tracking function for inspection

Possible applications of Comala Document Management:

  • For your quality management, for technical documentation, for compliance with standards (ISO 9001, FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11, etc.), for policy documents or for editorial publication
  • Ability to integrate popular applications such as Scroll versions, Scroll Viewport, ScriptRunner, Powerscripts for Confluence and Comala metadata

Assign users and process management

Assign, review, approve or publish content to your users. Especially if approvals are an important part of your process, then using Comala Document Management is worthwhile for you. It makes it easier to manage the entire process from the first draft to the final publication.

All pages at a glance – first draft until the final version

Manage the entire content review process with Comala Document Management. Approval workflows can be fully and individually adapted.

Making sure that your documents are being read

You want to be absolutely sure that the person to whom you have assigned a content for viewing has seen it? No problem, request a read receipt with Comala Document Management. This way you can ask a user to read and track confirmations.