draw.io Diagrams for Confluence

Powerful, user-friendly and secure diagram generation.

The number one of the Confluence apps.

Fully embedded in Confluence, draw.io is more than just an app for creating flowcharts. It’s fully responsive and comes with all the functionality of a desktop application, even if you use it on your mobile device.

With draw.io you get a diverse selection of diagrams that you can create yourself. Choose from organizational charts, BPMN, UML, ER diagrams, wireframes, mockups, network diagrams and many more.

Of course, none of your sensitive diagram data leaves the Confluence instance, according to the German data protection standard.

Take a look at the application in action at diangrams.net!

Complete version control

With full version control embedded in Confluence’s version history, draw.io scores by supporting applicable ISO 9001 processes. In Confluence Server, draw.io also shines with excellent revision processing.

Flexibly expandable

For greater flexibility, you can use pre-designed shapes as well as snapshot and SVG images that you can easily drag and drop into the application and embed. In this way, draw.io simplifies your creation process. Importing your own libraries is of course also possible.

Perform migrations with just one click

You want to switch from another charting plugin to draw.io quickly? Then we have a proven mass import feature that allows you to replace all your diagrams with draw.io diagrams in a single step. Try it out yourself now!