Tempo Planner & Tempo Timesheets

From Tempo - one of the most successful suppliers in the Atlassian Ecosystem.

Time tracking and Reports made easy.

As one of the largest and best-selling add-on providers in the Atlassian Ecosystem, Tempo has not only a network of more than 100 partners, but also more than 13,000 satisfied customers worldwide, including 120 of the Global 500.

The sophisticated and flexible software add-ons increase Jira’s efficiency and support Teams in their collaboration, process tracking, budgeting and workflow optimization. See for yourself in a personalized demo version.

Tempo Timesheets

The Tempo Timesheets application is the No. 1 time tracking tool from the manufacturer Tempo, used by Jira Teams. See for yourself in a demo version, as time recording has never been easier!

Your benefits in brief:

  • Various possibilities to log your work processes chronologically
  • With the free Tempo App for iOS or Android you can easily connect your Google calendar with tasks or meetings
  • Timesheets can be reviewed, approved or rejected quickly and efficiently
  • More customization options for powerful report generation
  • Simple buffering possible, in order to view or export the reports again later
  • Team utilization always in view: CAPEX/OPEX, billable and internal time combined in one report
  • Tools for real-time acquisition
  • Manage teams and employees according to their role, capacity, workload and vacation planning
  • Creation of user-defined price tables
  • In the “My Work” view, you can view your own schedule
  • APIs and developer resources can be used efficiently for custom integration
  • Compatible with “Data Center” for large enterprises
  • Integration with Tempo Planner for optimal plan/actual reports and with Tempo Budgets for flawless budgeting

Time recording and timesheet approvals made easy

Make it easier for your Teams to keep track of the time in Jira and more quickly grasp the true time value. Optimize your time tracking and approval process by requesting a free demo version of Tempo Timesheets now.

Create automated reports based on reliable data

Creating fine-meshed reports is no problem thanks to Tempo Timesheets. Go deeper into selected elements and get the detailed information you need. Help managers review and approve timesheets quickly and easily, whether they are multiple timesheets at once or individually.

Manage time recording for billing and CAPEX hours

Do you want to analyze information about the work done by your company at the highest level? This is also possible with Tempo Timesheets. The tool is designed to create custom accounts for all customers or cost centres in the company. For example, accounts can be easily categorized into billable, non-billable, CAPEX or OPEX categories.

Tempo Planner

With the Tempo Planner, you can easily plan your capacity by prioritizing work by FTE (Full Time Equivalent). Supply and demand are weighed against any capacity constraints. This enables you to identify potential capacity problems early in the planning process and to distribute resources intelligently and use them effectively.

Your benefits in brief:

  • Overview of all available resources, current status, plans and other availabilities
  • Quick insight into planned and available resource and employee capacities as well as the time frame
  • Avoid overloading your Teams through intelligent planning over a period of weeks or months
  • Planning and approval of time resources or requests for time capacity from other teams
  • Consideration of holidays, public holidays, flexible working hours and geographically distributed resources in the planning overview
  • Easy integration of Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Budgets or other business applications

Get a quick overview of resources

Find your team members faster by searching by team, role or user through effective filtering. From the Resource Planner overview, you can now plan and approve directly. Even the request of time capacities from other teams is no problem with the Tempo Planner!

Manage capacity and availability of your Team

With Tempo Planner you can create reports not only on the feasibility of projects by roles and responsibilities, but also on the availability of geographically distributed resources. With demand orientation and taking into account capacity restrictions, work can be easily planned and adjusted.

Report on planned time

You can now create reports based on your data, users, teams, roles, and all available resources. Use the intelligent filter function to display the results as you need them, save them for later reuse or export them for sharing.