Automation from code to publishing.

Automate the delivery of your software projects with the continuous delivery solution Bamboo. We support you from the planning to the implementation up to the individual adaptation of this unique tool.

Atlassians Bamboo enables continuous delivery from code to deployment. This means you can publish faster and with fewer bugs. From code delivery with easy to create Multi-level build plans and triggers to start commits, to parallel regression testing, Bamboo allows developers to focus on their real work: Great code to write.


With deployment projects, you can automate the publishing process for different environments and save time.


With integrations with BitbucketJira Software and over 150 Apps from the Atlassian product portfolio, Bamboo makes your business with continuous delivery a reality.

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Bamboo 7.2 Release Notes

✓ Bamboo logs – less noise, more control ✓ Bamboo Specs improvements ✓  Tag trigger   Bamboo logs – less noise, more control We know that in order to understand

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Bamboo 7.0 release notes

✓ Enhanced plan branch configuration ✓ It’s personal now Enhanced plan branch configuration Starting from version 7.0, Bamboo allows for custom plan branch configuration. Was does it mean in practice? It

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Bamboo 6.10 release notes

✓ Personal access tokens ✓ Selectable quick filters   Personal access tokens Bamboo 6.10 provides personal access tokens – an alternative and more secure method of authentication for REST calls

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Bamboo 6.9 release notes

✓ Bamboo-Specs YAML 2.0 ✓ Project View permission ✓ Manual encryption ✓ Agent status notifications ✓ Clover for Bamboo plugin supports OpenClover   Bamboo Specs YAML 2.0 In Bamboo version

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Bamboo is a product of Atlassian, if you want to see more information about this product on the Atlassian website please click here.