Jira Align

The way to agility for your large company.

Jira Align (formerly AgileCraft) is the ideal solution on your way to agility. Especially for large companies, the application offers an optimal way to combine business strategy and technical implementation.

Especially large companies are often faced with a challenge in terms of their complexity when it comes to working agile. Jira Align supports you in mastering this challenge by creating a possibility to close your “complexity gap” by creating a way to ideally connect your teams or all acting persons. In addition to this, existing agile frameworks such as SCRUM@Scale, SAFe 4.6 or LeSS are easily integrated and mapped. Existing Jira applications can also be seamlessly embedded into the application.

Jira Align is developed to align all areas of your organization with the common goals – starting with the top level business goals and strategies – down to the individual teams and individuals who, as interest representatives, are given both more visibility and a common context. In real time, the participant has an overview of what is happening in each phase of the project lifecycle.

All in sight.

The benefits of Jira Align.

Einblicke in Echtzeit Keep the overview – in real time.

With Jira Align you always know exactly what is happening in every stage of your project. For this purpose, all important data at team level is summarized in a table so that all processes and tasks in the company are visible.

Abstimmung aller Teams Orientation of the teams towards the overall goal.

To ensure that everyone pulls in the same direction, it is important that every team member is aware of the scope, timelines and roadmaps as well as the dependencies between the teams. Jira Align provides the necessary transparency!

Optimierung mit Blick auf den NutzenGenerate customer benefits through simple optimization processes.

The focus should be on customer orientation and the optimization of processes designed to meet this need. That is not a problem, since Jira Align shows you all the connections between your strategic investments and the customer benefit created.

Jira Align – your large company, your personal solution.

Support of the different roles within the project.

Portfolio Manager

With Jira-Align, the benefits of financing and strategic investments can be ideally illustrated. Thus the application supports you in convincing analysts, investors and employees of your plans!

Program Manager and Release Train Engineers (RTS)

Intelligent resource planning and monitoring of important appointments is made easy with Jira Align.


Let nothing stand in the way of your vision and entrepreneurial vision. Now you can combine strategy and implementation in an optimal way.

Product Manager

Real-time roadmaps help you monitor project progress and feature backlogs let you gather and prioritize ideas without any hassle.

Delivery Teams

Implement your requirements with sprint project planning based on your corporate strategy.

Digitisation Teams

Jira Align realizes digitization and agile transformation using digital frameworks – exactly scaled for your business.

Flexible Support for Agile Frameworks

Jira Align provides a platform that allows you to implement and expand any framework in a scalable way. This also includes hybrid and customized frameworks:

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
Individually adapted or hybrid
Disciplined Agile Delivery