Take your project management to a new level. We at Meelogic will be pleased to advise you on how your team can benefit from the introduction of Jira Core.

Efficient project management clearly defines tasks, priorities and responsibilities. Jira Core enables you to create workflows for each process quickly and easily. You can quickly distribute To-Dos among the team and track the progress of the project at any time using visualizations. Clearly defined responsibilities and central data storage save you and the team from confusing E-mail communication.

You keep the overview thanks to always update data. This eliminates the need for many coordination meetings and saves you time. Capturing performance and controlling process monitoring will be even more easily – start the future of project management with Jira Core now! Even more easily – start the future of project management with Jira Core now!

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Clear and simple

Workflows that are easy to define for each task type enable a target-oriented approach and distribution of responsibility. The task status and the current agent are always visible at a glance. The entire process is automatically documented and saved at a central location. Thanks to the Jira Core software, managing projects by E-mail can be a thing of the past, soon.

Clear and time-saving

Various options to visualize the automatically captured data allow a quick assessment of the project status. The generated diagrams are always up-to-date and the underlying data can be easily adapted to your needs. This means more overview and fewer meetings for you.

Jira Core is a product of Atlassian, if you want to see more information about this product on the Atlassian website please click here.