The Future of Incident Management.

With Opsgenie you keep track of crisis situations and you are able to react quickly. We will show you how to use the tool optimally.

Do you want to minimize your downtimes and be able to react as quickly as possible in an emergency? Our consultants will be pleased to support you in developing an early warning system as well as effective and efficient deployment plans.

In the course of digitalization, the server and software structures of all companies are becoming more complex across all industries. An optimally functioning IT operation is both a challenge and a success factor. Since malfunctions or system failures of certain components are very cost intensive in most cases, setting up an Incident Response Plan (IRP) is one of the central tasks of every IT department today.

Fast system recovery

The new Atlassian platform Opsgenie provides a broad service package for the fastest possible recovery of the running operations. Atlassian combines its proven collaboration and workflow platforms with the efficient escalation and deployment management of Opsgenie. Opsgenie is a leading provider especially in the field of multi channel alerting, supporting its customers with various tools to monitor internal systems and coordinate reaction processes in an emergency.

Optimal reaction chain

If a critical incident occurs, the previously defined reaction chain can be started in Opsgenie with just one click. Then the tool automatically retrieves the stored availability schedule and sends a corresponding message to all responsible persons. Via the integrated chat room, they can quickly coordinate and work out a suitable solution.

Opsgenie provides a central platform for successful incident management and enables cross-departmental collaboration, escalation management and rapid resolution. The integration of other popular tools such as Slack or Statuspage also ensures optimal adaptation to your individual requirements.