Jira Service Desk

Uncomplicated, inexpensive and easily expandable.

Simple Modern Service Desk Software

You get a service desk with comprehensive features including self-service, automation, SLAs and CSAT reporting capabilities

Stay up to date with developers

By linking Jira Service Desk with Jira Software, IT and development teams can work together on a common platform to resolve incidents faster and implement changes reliably.

Provide a better service experience

Customers or employees can submit requests through an easy-to-use help center and add Confluence to Jira Service Desk to create an integrated knowledge base. Machine learning ensures that the right services are always suggested and the system “learns” from every interaction. So answers can be found quickly.


Ready for use only in a few minutes

Forget complicated contracts and expensive consultants. Get started today with preconfigured IT and customer service templates, business process and automation rule suggestions, and integrated email support.

Your helpdesk tool for inquiries, service and reports

Give your customers an easy way to ask for support and ensure that your employees can handle incidents quickly.

Jira Service Desk provides all the functionality IT teams need to manage service requests, incidents, problems and changes. Customers can submit requests via a simple self-service portal and are offered appropriate help texts from a connected knowledge database as soon as they formulate their request. But Service Desk is not only suitable for IT services: all departments that need to handle and process service requests can provide a self-service portal via Service Desk and thus make the processing of requests much more efficient. Jira Service Desk provides all the functionality IT teams need to manage service requests, incidents, problems and changes. Customers can submit requests via a simple self-service portal and are offered help texts from a connected knowledge database as soon as they formulate their request. But Service Desk is not just for IT services: all departments that need to handle and process service requests can use Service Desk to provide a self-service portal and make the processing of requests much more efficient.

Based on the power of Jira software, Jira Service Desk offers an intuitive solution for incident, change and problem management and is specifically tailored to the needs of IT and service teams. Service Level Agreement (SLA) support is combined with a user-friendly interface including calendar, automated request management, real-time reports, dynamic queues and notifications. The integrations with Jira and Confluence enable optimal team collaboration.



Our self-service portal makes it easy to request help, search knowledge bases and track the progress of cases.


Automation functions, queues, SLAs, approval workflows and much more. Everything your IT teams need to be more productive.


Link Jira Service Desk tickets to Jira software issues and keep development and IT teams up to date so that requests are resolved faster.

Advantages of Jira Service Desk

Optimal collaboration between customers, IT teams and developers

It is possible to link Jira Service Desk with Jira Software, allowing IT and development teams to work together on a common platform.

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Application possibilities Jira Software

Jira Service Desk combines a simple, intuitive user interface for customers with a powerful client for service staff.

Numerous features of the Atlassian tool help you to significantly improve the workflow in your departments as well as the quality and response and processing time of your support. A clear and powerful front-end for service staff makes it easier to structure inquiries and solve them faster.

Every customer inquiry automatically becomes a support ticket. Already when creating an inquiry, the customer can be provided with various selection functions or check boxes to assign the request to a specific area or topic.

In this way, a categorization is carried out in advance and the right service desk employees are contacted. Through an automated prioritization, the most critical and important requests are sent to the service team first.

Work more intelligently, effectively and cost-effectively in all projects. Avoid unnecessary redundancies, mass e-mails (Cc to all) and increase your employee and customer satisfaction with a transparent and central project control at the same time.

Prepare, plan, execute, control and monitor projects in one place, under one intuitive interface. Create and organize ad hoc tasks in just a few steps or automate your ‘business as usual’ work orders (everyday work processes) for your team or even the entire company.

Connect Jira Service Desk to your knowledge base in Confluence and give your customers the opportunity to help themselves. Based on the incoming requests, possible solutions are automatically suggested. The system “learns” from every incident that occurs and delivers the appropriate results based on the new knowledge and the questions already asked. Thus, many arising questions, problems and incidents can be solved faster.

Support tickets can be automatically generated from support requests. These tickets appear in the Jira software and are immediately visible to your development team. Automated email notifications can be sent directly to the processors as soon as a support ticket is created. So you are always up to date and can easily avoid problems before they even occur.

Agree individual service level agreements with your customers and check in real time which incident is at what stage.

Automatic prioritization of support requests and listing in queues show the importance and sequence of incidents to be processed. So you can see at a glance the individual SLA’s, how much time you have for which issue and work together in real time. Define individual automatisms and save valuable time.

Work in a more structured way and ensure that you meet your quality standards and thus gain the trust of your customers.

Do your customers and employees want quick and easy support with service requests? Then Jira Service Desk is indispensable as service desk software for your modern IT teams. We support you with the introduction and a smooth transition to Jira Service Desk. Take advantage of our experience in setting up Jira Service Desk to avoid loss of performance.

With Jira Service Desk, you make it easy for your employees and your customers to make inquiries and store all necessary information quickly and easily. With the flexible forms and workflows, you can significantly reduce the workload for your support department. In connection with a knowledge database, you can answer inquiries as they arise, regardless of time and place.

Thanks to the Jira Service Desk app, Jira can also be used to provide successful product support.

  • Individual and flexible adaptation to your needs
  • high integration into your system world
  • Quickly find solutions to problems
  • Overview of all processes
  • Fast and easy communication directly at the process

Your customers and employees want quick and easy support for service requests.

Jira Service Desk supports your support and promotes customer satisfaction and relationships. We support you with the introduction or a smooth transition to Jira Service Desk. Take advantage of our experience in setting up Jira Service Desk to avoid loss of performance. Therefore, make use of our services at an early stage in order to get the best start in the implementation and introduction of Service Desk.

Many interested parties, but also users, underestimate the variety of applications and possibilities that Jira Service Desk offers.

Often even long-term users are not aware of the (hidden) possibilities Jira Service Desk offers.
The simple and intuitive user interface distinguishes Jira Service Desk from the known alternatives on the market. Although a new system brings new challenges, it also offers a new opportunity to simplify many of the existing processes. Automate your service processes and increase your long-term effectiveness by reducing the amount of information you need to manually process. We will show you how, for example, your premium customers can be given automated priority in processing, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

Let Meelogic provide you with expert advice on how to implement or optimize your existing service instance in a way that suits your needs.

Meelogic can help you migrate your existing service desk to Jira Service Desk and ensure a smooth transition with no downtime or deterioration in service quality. In addition, we can maintain the familiar user interface for you and your customers or develop a clear and user-friendly interface.

Of course, this also includes the link to a mobile interface, for example to create orders in Jira Service Desk from a smartphone or tablet, regardless of location, and to process problems.

If you already use a service desk tool from another provider, you should consider switching to the market leader. G2Crowd lists Jira Service Desk among the market leaders in the Best Service Desk Software category. Good reasons for a change are not only the intuitive interface of Jira Service Desk, but also the strategic decision to implement a comprehensive task management tool.

If required, we can create an individualized smartphone or tablet app for mobile order and ticket creation. Your advantage is that you make it easier for non-technical employees to create tickets, thus increasing the acceptance of the service desk and the efficiency of your business processes.
Everyone knows mobile app applications from their private environment. We build on this existing knowledge and make ticket creation and administration easier than ever.
Pick up your customers, users and employees where you stand and avoid extensive and cost-intensive training.
Development according to your requirements and wishes.

Customer and user satisfaction can be achieved by prompt and professional handling of service desk tickets. We create company-specific automations for you, which ensure that a request is immediately assigned to the correct processor. Avoid queues and unnecessary work time with manual ticket management. Use the saved resources for the content processing of the requests, not for administration.

Jira Service Desk helps you to keep your costs down twice. The fair Atlassian license pricing model is based on the number of your service staff. Regardless of the volume of tickets or the number of active or potential customers. At the same time, the automation in service desk ticket management and the connection with Confluence to the self-service desk helps you. So you keep the burden on your service staff low.

Planning, monitoring and ongoing evaluations enable you to implement your lessons learned analysis immediately and continuously in your projects. The integrated visual representations of real-time data make the evaluation and optimization of projects easier than ever before.

Jira Core & Software from Atlassian is used by over 35,000 satisfied customers worldwide and helps companies from all sectors and industries in their daily business.

So many users cannot be wrong.

If you already have experience with other products in the Atlassian product family, such as Confluence, project management with Jira will be intuitive and easy. As part of our full service concept we support you in planning for the integration of Jira Core or software, the migration of your existing project management software, the implementation and train your staff in the use of Jira. As trained and Atlassian-certified specialists, we impart all necessary knowledge for working with Jira software and take your individual software configurations and requirements into account.

Meelogic is your reliable partner for all questions regarding hosting of Jira. We offer you a low-cost cloud hosting of Jira Software, operation on our own servers on-site or as managed hosting on our servers in Germany. Within the scope of our Managed Services Packages, you also receive many other attractive inclusive services that go beyond simple hosting from Jira Software.

We support you with the integration, so that the different products of Atlassian interact meaningfully with each other.

Stay up to date and receive automated notifications about the status of your Jira projects and easily keep track of them or mutually transfer content between Jira Service Desk and Confluence with just one click.

If you wish, we can connect you to standard programs such as Word or the ability to share content from Atlassian products via email or integrate this content into Outlook.

Jira Service Desk, Atlassian’s easy-to-use helpdesk software, is tailor-made for incident, change or problem management and service requests. It enables your support team to process support requests in a structured manner, resulting in faster and better resolution. The modern and intuitive user interface provides customers with an easy way to request assistance.