Jira Software / Jira Core

Your solution for project and multi-project management in the digital age.

The best teams deliver their software early and at short intervals.

Jira Software is designed to enable all members of your software team to plan, track and release great software.

Planning and tracking

Create user stories and tasks, plan sprints and distribute tasks to your software team.
Prioritize and discuss team tasks in full context and with complete transparency.

Execute and report

Deliver with confidence and composure, knowing that your information is always up to date.
Improve your team’s performance based on real-time visual data that your team can work with.

Become agile

Experience unparalleled flexibility with Jira – whether you’re an experienced Agile expert or a complete novice.

One system, infinite number of possible uses

Plan, track and release world-class software with the #1 software development tool for agile teams.

Jira is a process and project management system developed by Atlassian. Once launched as a bug and issue tracker, the software system is now a productive and efficient solution for many enterprise use cases. Jira Software is suitable for every software developer and software project manager and can be individually adapted or extended.

Jira Software supports you in the implementation and management of your software projects. Starting with the planning of the software up to the development and improvement. Jira Software provides you with numerous options for the efficient organization and execution of tasks in the areas of requirements management, status tracking, and bug-fixing processes.

Jira Software provides your teams with virtual Scrum and Kanban boards to organize and track the progress of current tasks, backlog management capabilities, and real-time reports for analysis. IT teams can use Jira Software to organize large change management projects, problem management initiatives or routine maintenance tasks. This is especially useful for teams that want to organize their tasks into sprints or visually present the tasks they need to do with Scrum and Kanban boards.

Jira software serves as a bug tracking and agile development tool with a connection to Bitbucket the ability to access the code base directly from the ticket.

Meelogic can advise you on a variety of specially developed apps for Jira, which further extend the range of functions and support productive work with the system. In addition to comprehensive consulting and technical integration, you can also obtain the corresponding Jira licenses from us, including licensing advice and support.

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Flexible planning

Jira Software's comprehensive planning capabilities provide your team with unparalleled flexibility in planning that best suits them.

Precise estimates

Estimates help your team to work more accurately and efficiently. Use story points, hours, T-shirt sizes or your own estimation method. Jira Software supports them all.

Value-oriented prioritization

Organize user stories, procedures and bugs in your product backlog with simple drag-and-drop prioritization. Ensure that the stories that deliver the most customer value always have the highest priority.

Transparent design

Whether your team is sitting at the same table or scattered around the world, Jira software brings a new level of transparency to your team's work and keeps everyone on the same page.

Meaningful results

Comprehensive reporting features provide your team with important information on its agile process. Thanks to data support, retrospectives are even more data-oriented and meaningful than before.

Scalable development

Create and modify task categories, fields, and workflows as you wish, according to the needs of your team. Jira software is agile project management for teams of any shape and size.

Advantages of Jira Software

In Jira Software you have extra agile functionality, including the ability to schedule agile work from project backlog to sprint. You have fully customizable Kanban and Scrum boards, the ability to estimate the time for problems as you prioritize your backlog, and robust reporting capabilities that range from burn-down diagrams to speed measurements.

You can also take a look inside the Jira Core if development work is not on your target list. Jira Core leverages this workflow engine and enables business teams to develop organized, easy-to-use, task-oriented projects. Whether it is a simple task list or a robust 7-step workflow with strong automation, Jira Core meets all your needs.

Jira Core

Digitization of processes for consistently better collaboration.

The ideal software solution for business teams who want to plan, assign and control projects and tasks conveniently and professionally.

Jira Core offers you a tool for flexible and transparent project management: You always have an overview of the project status and possible bottlenecks. Atlasian’s project management tool can be customized to your needs, so that all processes are mapped exactly as you need them to be in your organization.

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Preparing for Jira 8.11

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Application possibilities Jira Software

With Jira you give all teams in your company the opportunity to implement their processes more efficiently and faster. Improve the planning and coordination of actions and increase the productivity and quality of your projects. Jira provides you with the necessary flexibility and transparency for efficiently planned and successful projects.

The ticket software Jira provides transparency in your projects and enables you to manage them quickly and easily. Above all, this facilitates cross-team collaboration. Specifically adapted to the needs of software teams and project-oriented collaboration, Jira provides powerful, agile tools for every phase of the software lifecycle, including Scrum and Kanban boards.

With the various possibilities of Jira workflows you can take your workflows to a new level. Give your processes a new face and benefit from the reliability and traceability of all your operations. From project implementations to vacation requests to support interfaces for your customers – with Jira’s flexibility there are no limits to your requirements and ideas.

Jira can be used to manage and structure requirements in software development projects.

  • Maintain an overview of all system requirements in the projects
  • Information can be recorded in a structured way
  • Transparency: Traceability of changes and decisions for each requirement
  • Integration of Confluence to increase efficiency in requirements management

Why not take advantage of Jira’s benefits even outside of development! Manage your projects in Jira.

  • Overview of current, planned or completed projects
  • Simple usability
  • Decision-making power: It is up to you to decide what information you wish to deposit
  • Clear presentation and prioritized processing of tasks with Agile Boards

You want to be innovative as a company? How do you process the ideas of your employees? Which department is particularly innovative? Is an idea being pursued further? All this and more is easy to do when you use Jira.

  • Promoting innovative ideas in the company
  • Transparent flow of an evaluation process
  • Feedback decisions on individual ideas
  • Gain competitive advantages through targeted finding and further development of ideas
  • Individual configuration

Jira Software is the core of Atlassian’s development tools and offers extensive features for agile software development according to Scrum and Kanban. The tool helps you plan, track and release world-class software. The Java-based tool is targeted at all team members and is designed for collaboration in every phase of software development.

Designed for software teams, JIRA® Software offers world-class agile tools, deep integration of developer tools, a wide range of configuration and customization options, and focused project experience for your entire software team.

Distribute tasks to team members, create user stories and tasks, and record issues and features. Depending on the purpose and the way the team works, you can develop your own ticket type with its own workflow, its own status and different views, fields and workflow transitions – or you can use a preconfigured workflow.

Relieve and structure the processes in your personnel department. Track and control the personnel administration process from receipt of application to hiring, including the decision-making levels. Automate typical tasks and information management in the onboarding and offboarding process. Manage vacation requests and other HR requests. All with the highest level of security and in compliance with HR data protection requirements.

Manage enterprise content, document design, and creative content from draft to final publication in one place. Initiate document approvals and reviews, contract approval, internal rules, and other critical documents with ease.

Simplify your internal company requirements – from the request, through the decision and approval process, to the acceptance of the delivery. Not only keep track of your newly acquired company assets, but also manage your existing goods and assets.