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A powerful Git client for Windows and Mac.

Simplicity and performance combined in one Git-GUI.

Sourcetree is a free git desktop client, designed especially for developers. So in order for you to fully concentrate on coding, Sourcetree supports you by simplifying your interaction with the Git repositories. Say goodbye to the command line and take full advantage of Git. The Git GUI interface makes it easy to visualize and manage your repositories.

Here is an overview of the most important benefits:

  • Simple-structured user interface with the general Git commands
  • Management of your Git repositories from a single client (whether hosted or local)
  • Commit, Push, Pull or Merge – all commands are only one click away
  • Functions such as Patch-Handling, Rebase, Regal and Cherry Picking provide additional support in your work
  • Connect Bitbucket, Stash, Microsoft TFS or GitHub to your own repositories

What is so special about Sourcetree?

Easy for beginners

Sourcetree makes Git-Hub accessible to all developers – even those new to Git. All commands are accessible with just one click.

Goodbye command line! The Git client not only makes version control much easier, but also brings everyone up to speed quickly.

Whatever you’re planning to do, whether it’s creating and cloning repositories, executing commands like commit, push, pull, and merge, detecting and resolving conflicts, or searching repository histories for changes, it’s no problem, even for Git beginners.

Powerful for experts

Sourcetree is of course not only suitable for beginners, but is also ideal for increasing the speed and productivity of advanced users.

Save your changes, quickly check your outgoing and incoming changesets, choose between branches, apply patches, rebase, or put your changesets on shelves – Sourcetree makes it possible!

Visualize code – made even easier with Sourcetree

Often you believe things only when you can actually see them in front of you. With Sourcetree you can inform yourself about a branch or hand it over with just one click,

The application automatically tracks the activity of your code, providing a good overview of all content – from projects to repositories to changesets.

By using bookmarks, Sourcetree gives you a summarized view of all your projects and repositories in real-time. You want to visualize a changeset across multiple branches and ramifications? No problem, jump directly to the changeset diagram.

Git and Hg on your desktop

Right out of the box, Sourcetree offers you a fully functional GUI that works with Git and Mercurial. It enables you to have an efficient and above all consistent development process.

Execute Comit commands with confidence.

Visualize your work and execute push commands with a whole new level of confidence thanks to Sourcetree. Even changing or discarding a file, a hunk or an entire line is no longer a problem for you.

A client equipped with all functions.

The new Git Status

Don’t miss a thing and keep track of your work. With Sourcetree you stay up to date with just one look at your code.

Visualize your process

You can easily follow the progress and keep up with your team. Detailed branching diagrams help you do so.

Git for Windows & Mac

Power and performance are the key features of Git and Mercurial. Use them on either Windows or Mac operating systems.

Get to know Git now – but properly!

Detailed tutorials give you an introduction to Git. Learn all about branching, merging, and more.

Git – directly on your hand.

Sourcetree is not just a Git-GUI, it brings the power of Git into focus and underlines it with an easy to use interface.

 Git Large File Support

By supporting Git LFS, Sourcetree makes it possible for teams to track large assets in a single location.

 Git-flow beyond the edge of your plate

Sourcetree and Git-flow keep repositories clean and development efficient through intelligent branching.

 Subordinated modules

Let submodules make your life easier. Use them for certain dependencies, for managing projects, or for other project groupings.

 Local Comit Search

You are looking for Comits, file changes or branches? You can do this directly in Sourcetree.

 Interactive Rebase

In Sourcetree you have an interactive rebase tool at your disposal with which you get clean and clear comits.

Remote Repository Manager

Sourcetree ensures that cloning and searching for standalone repositories is possible within a simple user interface.