With Statuspage you can communicate the status of an incident to all of your users in real time.

Building trust with every incident.

Similar to DigitalOcean, Dropbox and Intercom, with Statuspage the real-time status of an incident is easily communicated to all project participants. This makes the customer support process more transparent to all users. As a result a higher visibility for the staff is implemented, but without causing a flood of tickets for the support staff.

The particular progress of the processing of an Incident is also made clear and comprehensible for everyone. This boosts customer confidence and reduces unnecessary loops in email traffic. Statuspage offers the possibility to subscribe to email or SMS notifications, either for the entire system or only for individual components. Notifications can also be personalized individually via CSS or HTML for your Corporate Identity.

Support & IT Teams

Optimized Customer Support

Support requests are made much more efficient through a proactive approach to customer communication. Request processing with status page is made faster, easier and more comprehensible by avoiding duplicate support tickets or unwieldy mailing lists. Receive consistent messages by subscribing to the channels you choose (email, text message, in-app message, etc.).

DevOps & IT Teams

Always up to date – the status of your services

Provide your users with an overview and at the same time control of which elements of your service should be displayed. To do so, you have access to more than 150 third-party components to display important tools for your service, such as Stripe, Mailgun, Shopify or PagerDuty.

Create Transparency & Customer Confidence with the Status Page

The Status Page is the communication section of your incident management process. Your customers receive certain information in real time, such as information about breakdowns or planned maintenance work. It is an important tool that keeps all your users informed from the first investigation of an incident to its “resolution”. This way you create a service experience that will satisfy your customers.

Of course, other monitoring, alerting, chat and helpdesk tools can also be integrated into the status page to enable you to react efficiently.

Incident Response Teams

Improved Communication on Incidents

Do you want to spare your employees all the hassle of communicating incidents? Statuspage supports them in doing so. With tightly integrated tools to efficiently manage incidents and ready-made templates for incident handling, the application offers you an easy way to support your users.

Marketing & Sales Teams

Show Reliability

Uptime Showcase allows you to turn your site into a sales and marketing tool. Provide existing or potential customers with information on historical availability through key figures such as “Uptime” and “Response Time” to demonstrate your reliability. Customers usually appreciate this very much.