Knowledge Management

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Do you want to drive innovation, foster team collaboration and generate new knowledge to stay one step ahead of your competitors? We provide you with tailor-made tools which integrate seamlessly into your day-to-day work.

Fast and uncomplicated information flows, efficient workflows and well-functioning cooperation at all hierarchical levels are central prerequisites for new knowledge growth in a company. Social intranets, wikis and intelligent search options enable the best possible use of knowledge as a valuable resource. With the right software, these factors can be implemented in a central platform so that the networking of information and employees opens up new innovation processes.

The worldwide volume of data is increasing massively

“Sharing knowledge means multiplying knowledge” said the Swiss economist Gilbert Probst. Thanks to new technologies and the spread of the Internet – communication, information gathering and information exchange have never been so simple and fast as they are today. But this development also brings new challenges, because at the same time the volume of data worldwide is increasing enormously. The International Data Corporation predicts in its current white paper, compared to 2016, a tenfold increase in the volume of digital data available worldwide by 2025.

Productive handling of knowledge as a prerequisite for efficient work processes

The increasing digitisation of the economy and society is changing the future of work in a sustainable way and requires a stable corporate infrastructure in order to be able to cope with these masses of data and use them sensibly. Topics such as data and knowledge management are therefore becoming increasingly important, particularly with regard to the design of efficient workflows – because how the results of a Study on the productive use of knowledge in companies The lack of a knowledge base is associated with overtime, incorrect performance of tasks, wrong decisions and a lack of motivation on the part of employees.

Expanding competitive advantages

A company’s knowledge opens up new innovation processes and is an important factor in generating and expanding competitive advantages. In order to develop and expand this in the best possible way and to integrate it into everyday working life, the core activities for generating, applying, distributing and storing knowledge have to relate directly to the respective business processes along the value chain and they have to be further developed in a permanent learning cycle.

Benefit from the following functions and advantages

The wide range of Atlassian products helps you to structure your internal company knowledge according to your needs respectively target groups and provide it demand-actuated. The combination of Confluence and Jira offers you the following features and benefits in the field of knowledge management:

  • Target group- and on-topic teamspaces
  • Social collaboration and dynamic best practice templates
  • Integrated wiki modules
  • Efficient information procurement and creation
  • Networked information
  • News feeds, messenger, status post
  • Task management
  • History function and automatic versioning
  • Mobile working independent of place and time
  • Intelligent full text search
  • Reduce email traffic