Process Digitization

Automated, flexible & productive

Do you want to digitize and optimize your processes in order to save resources and costs and to achieve more transparency, flexibility and quality of the individual process steps? We will be glad to support you in the digital transformation of your company and we stand by your side with our many years of consulting expertise.

Digitization pays off: The results of the Digitization index 2018 show that 35 percent of the companies were able to increase sales – and a further 45 percent were able to achieve higher customer satisfaction. From an internal perspective, 44 percent of the companies surveyed found that their products and services were of better quality and a further 50 percent reported smoother processes.

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Profitable prospects

Within the framework of a Bitkom study on the Digital Office Index 2018 more than 1,000 companies with 20 or more employees were surveyed on various topics related to digitization. The current results show that 9 out of 10 companies – and thus 88 percent – perceive digital change as an opportunity. Only 11 percent are generally sceptical about the topic and regard this development more as a risk.

In order to be able to use new technologies profitably, well-founded best practice frameworks and a lot of know-how are required. As the Bitkom study shows, 8 out of 10 companies rely on the expertise of external IT service providers therefore. You can benefit from our experience, too – we offer you comprehensive consulting on topics such as Business SystemsEmbedded Development as well as Cloud- and Mobile Computing.

With the 6-step plan to success

Many steps are necessary to successfully implement this future trend. The Business Process Management (BPM) or Process Management is a systematic method concept and deals with the effective design of business processes. The BPM Lifecycle makes it clear that this is a cycle which constantly strives for optimization. No matter how far you are on your way to becoming a digital, flexible and agile company – we will help you to become even better with the 6-step plan. In order that the skeptics in your company can also get enthusiastic about future changes, we also develop an individual Change Management for you.

The next steps on the road to the digital enterprise:

  • Implement a digital business model
  • Network your information system
  • Work in agile Scrum-/Kanbanboards and increase your flexibility and agility
  • Create more process- & task transparency
  • Set your individual data focus: Collect & analyze only relevant data